Monday:  CLOSED

Tuesday:     7-9pm cheap sk8 $4

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday:      7:30-11pm open sk8   $9

Saturday: 1:30-4:30 family sk8   $8

                   7:30-11pm retro to now mix  $9                                 

Sunday:    2-5pm family sk8        $8


  • Speed skates $3

  • Zippy skates $4

  • Roller blades $4

  • Sk8 Mates $3/hr

*Please Note

- All admissions include regular skate rentals

- Upgrades available at extra cost

- Parents & grandparents come in free, they only pay if they decide to skate

- Any Adults without children will be charged


Roller skating is a strenuous and fast moving sport. By putting on skates and participating in this form of recreation, you are assuming the risk of an accident inherent in this and any similar sport. It is the nature of this recreation that people fall down or run into one another on occasion. If you are not willing to assume that risk, please do not roller skate here. If you doubt your ability to roller skate, please consider this notice before proceeding onto the floor. We can not be responsible for any injuries which occur to our patrons while they are present in this facility.